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"I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5

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  • 100% accurate to the original recording.
  • I've used sensible fretting that won't have you sliding all over the bass.
  • Real rhythm notation so there's no groove-confusion
  • Every. Single. Nuance. Like those little octave jumps in some of the chorus lines.
  • Hardest part: that crazy bridge! It's in there, tabbed beautifully.
  • Easy purchase: it's an instant .pdf file download.

A Preview...
(This is just the intro. The full version is 2 pages and contains the entire song -- even the fade-out!) A preview of my bass tab to I Want You Back by The Jackson 5

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The YouTube Video

(I wish I had my tab when I recorded this!)

I played the song quite well in this video from 4 years ago, but the tab I've created is even more accurate.

I believe that if you have my tab, practice, and watch the video, you can learn this song fluently in a matter of hours!

Buy this tab now for only $5 USD!

The Bassline

The bassline is in the key of Ab Major, with almost every note being diatonic (a scale tone). The exceptions are an occasional open D string and an occasional E on the D string. So the real trick is choosing the right fret positions and fingerings.

I mostly use a finger-per-fret technique, but for those of you who don't, my fret numbers should still guide you to play this song mostly in the first position of the bass, with a shift over to third position for the bridge.

By avoiding a lot of position-shifting and sliding around, it's easier to get a steady left hand and focus on the GROOVE instead of just making it to the next note on time, which is sloppy.

I think you will enjoy learning this bass line, and you'll find my tab helpful, to the point, and worth every cent!

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